Supporting businesses to grow and prosper is the essence of SWIFT’s focus. One way we do that is by offering loans from $50,000 for businesses to implement their strategy for growth. Here are the things you need to know as a business.

SWIFT anticipates that as part of a business’ strategy for growth, the business has fully explored other financial/commercial options first.

SWIFT’s interest is in South Waikato, so businesses must be located or in the process of relocating/expanding to the region to meet loan application criteria.

We are very interested in the following:

  • Applications that assist the business in creating jobs in the South Waikato area, particularly in hiring employees from the South Waikato.
  • Applications to create new business and/or growth opportunities within the South Waikato, possibilities including and not limited to relocation/expansion/plant/ equipment.
  • Level of personal investment in the business or start-up project and/or other joint venture partner’s involvement.
  • Businesses that value sustainable employment at various levels and employee growth including those businesses who enable people to enter the workforce and provide upskilling opportunities.
  • The business plan with the financial forecast and scope for local procurement and/ or partnerships.
  • The business’ commitment to provide training for staff, as well as opportunities for career development and growth such as apprenticeships. Added consideration is also given to businesses creating a new service, product and/ or innovation in the South Waikato, as well as those delivering and/ or enhancing community infrastructure that encourages external promotion of the South Waikato district.

SWIFT reviews all applications, and those who meet the criteria are subject to further evaluation by independent experts before a loan offer is made. The process is expected to take four- six weeks. If successful, there is a loan administration fee of $5,000 to be paid by the borrower to contribute to legal costs. Loans must be accepted within three months of an offer being presented by SWIFT and funds must be accessed within six months.

SWIFT relies on its return on investments to fund its operations, including business loans, therefore the funds available for business loans may differ from time to time.

In addition to the loan, SWIFT will facilitate business support services to encourage the development of future growth strategies throughout the duration of the loan period, at no charge to the business.