SWIFT is committed and passionate about helping our business community grow and prosper.

If you or your organisation have a project, new business, or an idea that needs support, we may be able to help.

We have great connections into business support services, local and central government, and philanthropic trusts… which means we can often support ideas in a variety of ways.

Organisations can also discuss options for funding with the SWIFT team. Consideration will only be given to businesses and/or initiatives that align with the objectives of the Trust and provide –

  • Economic opportunities and/or development and revitalisation within the South Waikato District
  • Job creation and/or growth for South Waikato residents
  • Attraction of new business to the district and expansion of existing businesses in and/or for the benefit of the South Waikato District
  • Education and/or training initiatives

There are various funding mechanisms used by SWIFT such as loans and grants. To learn more about these opportunities please email info@swift.org.nz and one of the team will get in contact with you to talk about your aspirations.